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Pawan Kalyan Is Poorer Than Any Hero

The name of Pawan Kalyan is no longer about a star but it has become a brand for Tollywood business.

While audiences go crazy about him, the other film fraternity members are using the Pawanism brand and benefitting from it. But here is a stark reality about Pawan and his real life financial condition.

It is heard that Pawan is poorer than any hero in terms of property and financial strength.

Though he has a top image and following which is beyond Chiranjeevi as of now, the reality is different. In terms of assets and wealth, he is not even 1/10th of his elder brother, as per sources.

According to close circles of Pawan, before ‘Gabbar Singh’ due to the Nandini and Renu Desai marriage issues he has written a lot of his properties to them. Now, he is rebuilding himself from ‘Gabbar Singh’ onwards. That way, there is no link between money power and his image. That way his properties are less than any other star hero but his fan following is phenomenal.

Heroine's Daughter Gives Warning To Media

The relation between film actors and media fraternity is always like salt and pepper. Sometimes it is tasty and sometimes it goes bitter. The fundamental is, the more actors are friendly with media the better it is for their projection. On the other hand, what media writes must be perceived as a gossip to read and enjoy but nothing personal.

Despite knowing these small games, there are actors who tend to show their attitude and starry airs. A new member to join that club is Karthika Nair. Recently she got to share her thoughts on Twitter when she mentioned something like this.

People need to seriously stop making crap and quote actors name. I can understand gossip but I don't understand b***s***t.

Well, those who read this tweet are stating they are not sure what she understood and what media wrote but they know one thing for sure. They are stating that for a girl who is hardly anything in the filmline and is yet to start her career properly, this attitude is not going to help her much in future. Maybe it is time for mommy Radha to share her wisdom.

That Is Pawan Kalyan

Many those are close to him say that Pawan Kalyan si a down to earth warm person apart from his immaculate image and unmatchable charishma.

Pawan's acquaintances talk about his ideas on world issues and knowledge about cinema.

The latest Attarintiki Daredi also proved his special image.

Pawan thought to celebrate the audio event of Attarinitiki Daredi as a festival of all technicians involved in the film.

Hence he didn't invite any outside celebs for the event and announced the same. And interesting aspect is that this is the first event in recent times that has gone without a female anchor.

Pawan's speech went on in a very dignified manner. Everyone those listened to the speech said that what he spoke is perfect.

Pawan's idea must be lauded as he avoided entire Konidela and Allu khandan at the event just to make it a filmy event and not a family event. Moreover, it's a curtain down for gossips regarding relations in Konidela fort.

There was no big headache with extra security and all with this new decision.

Only Money Is Important For Her

Onscreen the heroines might come up with some soft spoken and innocent roles but in reality they are quite shrewd and practical.

When it comes to money they don’t budge an inch. This seems to be the case with Hansika who has reportedly made it clear that more than name and fame money matters are important.

According to sources, Hansika was approached by director Srinivas Reddy for the remake of ‘Hello Brother’ with Naga Chaitanya.

The original had Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishna, Soundarya. Ramya’s role was to be reprised by Hansika. If one can recall, there is a scene where Nag slaps Ramya’s bum which became a highlight scene then.

Well, Hansika was reportedly aware of that and without any qualms she demanded an extra 25% apart from her regular remuneration, as per sources.

Despite various pleas from producer and director Hansika reportedly said no compromise and inturn she reportedly gave a statement that she is not doing the film. Well, what can we say…

Pawan's Charisma To The Rescue

Pawan’s charisma, Trivikram’s direction, his witty dialogues and Samantha’s lucky leg – Attarintiki Daaredi has many things going for it. All looks well and the film has generated enough pre-release buzz.

But the only problem is the track record of the film’s producer BVSN Prasad. Of the eight films he has made in the past, Chatrapati and Darling have been huge hits. Films such as Abbayi Chala Manchodu, Khatarnak, Oosaravelli, Devudu Chesina Manushulu, Ongolu Gitta have all been box office duds.

His recent movie Sahasam has started off well, though one has to wait for the final analysis. Now comes Attarintiki Daaredi from his stable. So, there are some apprehensions in Film Nagar about the movie. Praneeta who is playing the second lead in the film is considered to be an iron leg.

The makers are banking solely on Pawan’s charisma and star power to overcome these hurdles and generate a mega hit.

Photo Feature: Mahesh Babu With Daughter

NTR's Single Take Artist

Harish Shankar is all praises for NTR Jr with whom he is working for Ramayya Vastavayya film.

"Working with a Single Take Artist like Young Tiger absolutely there is no tension of getting delayed in shoot.. His memory is UNBELIEVABLE," tweeted Harish Shankar.

Previously, directors like Srinu Vaila, Rajamouli and others showered praises on the actor for his amazing dancing skills and his command over dialogues.

Ramayya Vastavayya has Samantha and Shruti Haasan as the leading ladies and Thaman is the music director. The entertainer is set for release on September 27.

Will 'Yevadu' Arrive As Announced?

While Pawan Kalyan is creating his storm with ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’, in that mania one film has not been getting its due craze. It is ‘Yevadu’ starring Ram Charan and directed by Vamsi Paidipalli. The film has been through a series of release date changes and recently the final release date was announced as July 31st.

But now, even that looks doubtful. According to inside reports, ‘Yevadu’ is still left with one day shooting and scenes with Allu Arjun need to be done. Also there are reports that the second half had a lot of mess up scenes and Chiranjeevi reportedly didn't like them. So, he did lot of changes.

Buzz is that after Chiru made the required changes and some finishing touches were given, producer Dil Raju is reportedly having the confidence of giving hit movie.

While that seems to be the good news, we have to wait and see if the film arrives as scheduled and will it be able to withstand ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’ on the way.

Senior Actress' Shocking Tweet About Pimps

The social networking sites have become quite prominent among the film celebrities to express their opinions.

While most of them speak routine stuff, there are firebrands too. One among them is Khushbu.

Known for her share of controversies and bold statements, recently she came up with one more on pimps.

The following are her lines:

The guy who tweets about women/actors who sleep around for money surely must be a pimp. How the hell can he be so sure about them otherwise?

If a dog doesn't bark then he will doubt his ownself. Some people need to remind themselves what breed they belong to…this man here is a street dog :)

He needs a severe punishment but my heart also goes to him for being so seriously retarded...I pity his parents...what they will be going thru??

I don't stoop to the level of few who live in deep rottening rut…scream out your lungs, swallow the sewage you live in, my heartiest wishes for digestion

Looking at the venom and acidic statements from Khushbu one can guess it must be someone who knows her very well. She has reportedly threatened to reveal his name very soon so maybe we have to wait till that time and see how things will shape up.

Pawan Kalyan Humiliates Trivikram!

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan usually doesn't speak much at any functions.

Pawan rarely opens up and Atharintiki Daredi audio launch is one such rare event where Pawan Kalyan spoke at length.

Pawan revealed an unknown secret about his first meeting with Trivikram.

"Those were the days after Jhonny, my directorial debut, which was a flop and I had no interest in listening to any fresh stories. Trivikram was trying to meet me to narrate a story during that time. After six months I met him in my office once and he started to narrate a story. I dozed off during the narration and Trivikram left with a smile. Any other writer would have never met me again after such experience, but Trivikram came back to me after some years with Jalsa," Pawan told.

"With Jalsa I earned a good friend and great well wisher in Trivikram. He has been my support from then on and I am happy to work with him again for this film," Pawan shared his special bond with Trivikram.

Pawan also showered rich praises on his co star Samantha. "She is a sincere and dedicated actress. Samantha is one of the best actresses i had ever acted with," he told.